RAVEN WISDOM: Perspective, Curiosity & Language

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” —Aldous Huxley

Ravens are creatures equally capable of long-range vision as well as exploring life up close. With endless curiosity, a knack for creating plans (yes, really), a vast vocabulary (yep, they're interested in communicating at a more nuanced level), and an inventive streak, to boot, we think ravens are a bit like coaches and consultants of all kinds. 

Our team exhibits a never-ending curiosity, has a passion for communication and language, and enjoys opening up new perspectives and attention in our clients. 


Cindy marteney, Founder & Executive Coach


An experienced executive coach, Cindy Marteney is known for rapidly creating trust and momentum with high-profile clients, who value her pragmatic wisdom and her ability to help them act on what matters most — with both love and dignity.

Over the years, Cindy noticed gaps in traditional executive coaching approaches and recognized the need for leaders to have a stronger framework for understanding leadership at a glance. This led her to create the Three Pillars of Leadership, a competency model used for more collaborative assessment processes as well as a Leadership Learning Community approach, to foster learning that is as simple as possible while retaining genuinely transformational outcomes. 

One of Cindy’s strengths is in bringing people together as “practice partners” within and across learning communities. It’s not uncommon for Cindy’s clients to strike up deep and treasured friendships with fellow journeyers outside their own organizations, many of whom they would have never met otherwise.

Throughout her career, Cindy heard colleagues describe her as a mentor or a guide and found that coaching as a profession had always been calling to her. She started her own company in 2001, and has built long-term relationships in academic medicine, high tech, aerospace, and construction.

She spent three years in Denmark working with Nordic companies like Novo Nordisk and Philips Electric and also speaking at the Copenhagen Business School on leadership. Settling back into her native California, she travels frequently for business with the University of Utah, University of Iowa, University of Michigan, Progrexion, and Pankow Builders.

Meanwhile, Cindy started out in the Navy, as a Russian linguist, trained at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. She was stationed in Spain as an intelligence analyst, where she won the Navy Achievement Medal for discovering a "change to the order of battle" on her first and only tour of duty.

She moved into high tech in Boston, Massachusetts, holding marketing and leadership positions in rapidly-growing engineering and consulting services companies. She became director of marketing at Lotus/IBM, with global marketing responsibilities for the consulting services organization as it grew profitably from 200 to 1200 consultants. She won the Make Something Happen award for creating the Lotus Solutions Framework and packaging client stories that highlighted innovative uses of collaborative computing for knowledge management. Cindy went on to be a co-founder of sports marketing dotcom, which was sold to Myteam.com in the late 1990's.

Cindy Marteney has an M.A. in Political Science from the Claremont Graduate University. She is certified as an Integral Coach through New Ventures West (NVW) and has served on faculty for NVW certification programs in the USA, UK, and Denmark.  She is certified as a Somatic Leadership Coach through the Strozzi Institute, which incorporates distinctions from aikido to produce skillful conversations and embodied action in leaders. She has also studied extensively with the Enneagram Institute.

A long-time Zen student, Cindy leads groups supporting transformation for the Pacific Zen Institute. Cindy lives in Montclair Village, in the Oakland hills, near vast hiking trails with magical redwoods, with two very relational Siamese cats, and enjoys hosting friends from far and wide. 

Contact:  cindy@themarteneygroup.com - 8w7

Tess Beasley, Executive Coach

Tess Beasley is known for evoking clarity and calm amidst complexity. Tess has a knack for combining keen intuition with insightful questions to foster relationships that resolve conflicts, build inspiring public identities, and bring forth personal creativity and innovation. 

Tess has devoted most of her life and career to understanding deeply what it is to be human and create a meaningful life, accompanying leaders as they journey deeper into their own uncharted territories and seek new pathways of growth. She spent the last 15 years partnering with leaders from high tech, medicine, fashion, and non-profit sectors as an executive coach and senior communications consultant. She has worked closely with C-suite leaders as a thought partner to help them articulate personal and professional visions, prepare presentations for high-visibility forums, strategize on messaging during times of major change, and clarify and edit story lines on publishing projects.

Most recently, Tess co-designed and managed a multi-year leadership development initiative that brought significant cultural transformation for an iconic, multi-national corporation based in Europe.  As part of the project, she partnered closely with conversation artists, peace-builders, disruptive innovation thinkers, and complexity experts to inspire and cultivate more purposeful, collaborative, and skillful leadership in over 650 executives around the world.

Tess has also worked in  entrepreneurial settings, where the pace was extremely fast and gave her insight into the wild paths that innovation takes. She is certified as an Integral Coach with New Ventures West, where she also served as a certification committee member and development director. She has studied extensively with the Enneagram Institute and is certified as a Somatic Leadership Coach with the Strozzi Institute, which focuses on cultivating leadership presence while mastering the art of coordinating action with others with dignity.

Tess formerly practiced martial arts and played basketball, now lives north of New York City with her partner and mostly charming Siamese cats, and attends as well as hosts Zen and other community retreats at her home in Purchase, New York. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology, and she is particularly interested in the inherent intelligence of each individual's life and journey toward the highest contribution. 

Contact: tess@themarteneygroup.com - 9w8


Jessica Thomas, Executive Coach 

Jessica Thomas is known for bringing a very interactive approach to building emotional intelligence in her clients, emphasizing personal and relational practices that support greater empathy and connection, even in times of conflict. Trained extensively in the Enneagram as well as the somatic elements of leadership, Jessica is creative in not only helping clients notice and begin to work with the ways they get “off center" and show signs of pressure but also to observe others’ non-verbal cues more sensitively. 

She has worked with physician leaders in academic medicine, researchers in epidemiology; software architects in healthcare data companies; and directors of leadership development, operations, and marketing in high tech companies. She has conducted our in-depth Leadership 360 surveys for top executives and leaders in medicine, high tech, construction, and aerospace.  

In business, she has been responsible for teams of instructors and managers in a private education system, managing recruitment, hiring, performance feedback, and conflict management issues across a broad geography. In non-profit work, she has supported fundraising events, grant maintenance, donor outreach, and management of an intricate budgeting process, all within a budget-constrained environment, which requires consistent prioritization and inventiveness to be successful.

Jessica has spent a lifetime in competitive sports, both as an award-winning player and as a coach for challenging inner city teams, where building trust is an essential and ongoing practice. She naturally understands team dynamics and the interplay of different personalities under pressure and has learned creative ways to bring out each individual’s best efforts and to create team cohesion.

Jessica has a B.S. in public health and psychology,  is certified as an Integral Coach through New Ventures West and has studied extensively the Enneagram Institute's methodology. She practices what she empowers others to learn, by continuing to grow. Her repertoire includes meditation, yoga, aikido, dance, exploring nature, and other mindfulness-based practices.

She lives in Sonoma County near vineyards and farmlands with her partner and two children and enjoys her ever-ready running partners, two German Shepherds, who never seem to get tired. 

Contact: jess@themarteneygroup.com - 3w2

Indra Englund, Office Manager


A collaborative partner, Indra takes the time to think through projects, ask good questions, get to know the people, and sense into needs. After spending many years at Adobe as a project manager, Indra learned to manage the details within a context of different cultures—across the United States and in other countries.

Trained as a hypnotherapist, she works part-time with her private clients as well and enjoys exploring human development through the integral coaching lens. Indra enjoys working in a more intimate setting, getting to know a diverse set of enthusiastic clients, and leaving big travel schedules and long commutes to Silicon Valley behind.

A long-time martial artist, Indra also bikes regularly, taking advantage of hidden trails and winding roads in the hills and redwood forest where she lives with her partner and family in Canyon, CA. She raises chickens and shares fresh eggs generously along with volunteering with local animal rescue organizations.

Contact: indra@themarteneygroup.com - 9w1


Ian Davison, Innovation Consultant

A visionary leader himself, Ian has an unusual ability to zero in on strategic opportunities, design operational structures that yield high-performance results, and counsel senior executives in critical decision-making processes.

He has been brought in to guide companies requiring interim executive services during turnarounds. He holds multiple patents and supports intellectual property invention and protection work. With decades of fund-raising experience, a broad international business background, and a deep understanding of technologies enabling the future in business and healthcare, he is a valued ally for innovation-based organizations. He has supported our clients in academic medicine on vision-into-action and entrepreneurship work and high tech organizations with sales, marketing, and operations assessments.  

Prior to consulting, Ian made his mark as a successful entrepreneur, who created exceptional value in his own high tech start-ups, with Octocom sold to Cisco for $200 million and Xedia sold to Lucent for over $250 million back in the 1990s. Ian holds a First Class Honors Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Nottingham, England; and he serves as a Board member of the Massachusetts Network Communications Council and also Chairs its International Trade Committee.

Ian lives in Andover, Massachusetts with his family, has coached many soccer teams, and continues to play competitive soccer as an assertive "striker."

Contact: idavison@comcast.net - 8w7