ACORN WISDOM: Potential, Growth & Power

“Each human being is born with a unique set of potentials that yearn to be fulfilled as certainly as the acorn yearns to become the oak within it.” —Aristotle

Acorns store vast sets of instructions that produce the mighty oak tree, revered around the world for its impressive expanse, rugged strength, and noble presence. The acorn first sends roots down to anchor firmly in the ground before trying to raise itself up toward the heavens. Then it takes time for the acorn to crack open. Once it does, its growth delights us since, from the beginning, the acorn held the whole oak tree inside. 

We believe the same thing is true for people living into potentials. Our job is to honor the individual nature of each person’s journey and help cultivate majestic qualities that are awaiting more full expression. 


Executive coaching programs include: a leadership assessment interview of 90 minutes, design and delivery of an integral development program, and 60 minute coaching sessions twice monthly for either 6 or 12 months. Typical work involves:

  • Cultivating emotional and somatic intelligence and managing disruptive moods

  • Building trust after negative impressions have been formed

  • Converting complaints to longings and expressing inspiring future directions

  • Navigating difficult conversations and giving feedback with dignity

  • Expanding influence with stories that move hearts as well as minds

  • Fostering innovation and collaboration in teams

  • Increasing resilience and balance in fast-moving, high-pressure environments

  • Championing culture change within a Leadership Learning Community

Leadership Style Assessments

  • Enneagram Work - all clients engage in assessing their own Enneagram type, wing, and instinctual stack and learn to see their strategies and breakdowns when working with Assertive types (3’s, 7’s, 8’s), Dutiful types (1’s, 2’s, 6’s), and Withdrawn types (4’s, 5’s, 9’s).

  • Leadership 360 - for senior leaders, we offer a qualitative Leadership 360, which includes: interviews with 10 to 12 reviewers using a strengths-based approach; production of a narrative style report of 25-30 pages to share stories of strengths and learning edges along with touching words of wisdom and best wishes. Coupled with a self-assessment process using the Three Pillars of Leadership to identify next steps (such as thanking participants, sharing themes discovered and actions to take, identification of new practices to take on, requests for help, etc.).

  • The Leadership Circle Profile™ - for clients who want to offer 360 surveys to a wider group of people in an economical way, we use The Leadership Circle Profile. Clients receive a report mapping their Creative and Reactive tendencies in leadership.

WORKSHOPS & Learning Community Modules

  • Introduction to the Enneagram - this is the first module in longer programs but on occasion we offer this as a stand-alone service, to support champions hoping to ignite energy for taking the full journey into transformation.

  • Leadership Learning Community Modules - we offer year-long Leadership Learning Community programs introducing the Three Pillars of Leadership work, including modules on Self-Mastery, Social Competence, and Leadership Presence.

  • Coaching to Excellence - Cindy Marteney is authorized to lead Coaching to Excellence, a 2-day prerequisite course for the Professional Coaching Course at New Ventures West, an International Coach Federation accredited coaching program. We often encourage lead champions in our Leadership Learning Communities to attend New Ventures West’s year-long coaching certification program to support ongoing coaching and development work internally.